Rotherham Construction is an experienced commercial contractor with completed projects encompassing a wide variety of structures including banks, retail stores, schools, movie theaters and car dealerships. We have earned our client’s trust and loyalty through our professionalism, continuous attention to detail, the ability to meet deadlines while staying on budget, and maintaining the highest quality work.


Rotherham Construction has over 20 years of experience constructing apartment/multi-family units. We have completed over 900 units in a wide variety of locations and configurations. Having developed many of our own multi-family projects, we recognize the importance of completing these projects on time and on budget with unsurpassed quality.

Whether we’re building LIHTC units, HRDC condominiums, or luxury condominiums and townhouses, we bring a depth of knowledge and experience that our clients can rely on to assist them in creating a project that is budget conscious while attending to its life cycle costs. Whether it’s a duplex or a 100+ unit complex, Rotherham Constructions brings the expertise necessary to build a successful project for its clients.


Single family residence construction has been a consistent piece of Rotherham Constructions business from the company’s inception. Combining decades of experience in constructability and livability with the latest research in green construction allows Rotherham Construction to provide its clients with a home of the highest quality.

Whether it’s constructing a small footprint, efficient home, or a luxury vacation retreat, Rotherham Construction has the expertise necessary to make the construction experience from design to completion a positive and rewarding process for our clients.


Hospitality construction requires an experienced contractor with ample resources to draw from. Rotherham Constructions experience and skill in project organization, scheduling and subcontractor relations enables us to bring high quality projects to completion on time and on budget. We have the resources and skill to complete your restaurant or hotel construction project exactly to your specifications, with quality workmanship, and on schedule.

We exceed expectations for delivering the highest level of quality, unquestionable value, and a timely turnover, all with a sense of urgency. From ski lodges to complex hotel construction projects, our experienced team offers the crucial support required to make your hospitality project a success from the very beginning.

We know your goal is to provide your guests with a superior experience so that yours will be the property of choice for future stays. As your construction services provider, everything we do supports that overall mission. With a portfolio that includes ski lodges, hotels and restaurants, we are focused on your satisfaction in the same way that you are focused on your guests.